A healthier, thinner and fitter you – fit for life

At Seksy Productions, we're all about helping you get and stay healthy and fit for life. That's why we helped create the Real Motion Workouts and why we encourage health eating and living.

We all know it – healthy eating and exercise help us to be healthier and have a better quality of life. So, what's stopping you? Yes, there are many factors affecting weight and health, but most of it starts with our eating habits and lifestyle.

I'm not going to try to convince you of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits – you know them – so, no more excuses, just DO IT!

Get fit and stronger with Real Motion™ Workouts

Exercise is important for eveyone, regardless of age, as it improves our quality of life and helps us to be healthy, independent, and feeling younger.

The Real Motion Workouts are a great fitness resource that you will help you be fit for life. They are available online or on DVD

The Real Motion Workouts 3 DVD set has 2 functional fitness workouts:

  • Real Motion Dumbbell Workout
  • Real Motion Total Fit Workout

The bonus demonstration DVD shows you to how to do each exercise correctly and safely. There are additional instruction and tips to help you get the most out of your workout.

There are over 5 hours of workouts and instructions. The Real Motion Workouts can be done by almost everyone and every ability, women and men. Real Motion can help you get fitter, stronger, and improve core strength and balance.

Find out more and order your copy of the Real Motion Workouts or subscribe.

Bear Essentials Natural Movement Fitness Program

Online video course

Bear Essentials is a natural movement training program. You will learn natural movement skills so you can be strong and mobile without any equipment.

Learn more about the Bear Essentials program

Get healthy by eating healthy

Much of the food that's available is stores and some restaurants is really not that good for you. It's more "food-like" than real food. There is little to no natural nutrition in processed or fast food -- nutrition that our bodies need. Calories are one thing, but "emply calories" only leave you with calories and your body craving nutrition, and that's one reason we get fat and prone to illness.

You can improve your health and lose weight simply by changing your diet to eat health-promoting food.

I have a few favourite healthy eating sites that you can check out: